Sunday, 11 September 2011

Goodbye Venice

I'm leaving the group and the security of the Luna Baglioni today. It has been sensational. We are peeling off now to go our separate ways. I leave for Athens on Aegean Air at 10.30am on route to the Kazzie house. I eat my last breakfast in that beautiful breakfast room. The water taxi arrives at 8.00am.

He bundles my scrappy luggage on board, no trouble. The whole of Venice is enveloped in heavy mist. How will he navigate? This thought has not occurred to him. We belt across the water, banging the tops of the waves in great jolts, spray crashes high, spectacular. I see he has the wipers on and has wrapped a beautiful scarf around his neck. Like all Italians he has a way with clothes, even these work clothes: we pass other craft. Now we see the jetties of Venice Airport. People are waiting to get on. They are on their way to Venice...lucky things. I pay my 110 Euro.

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