Friday, 9 September 2011

Dining at Il Gondolieri Venice. Famous since the fourties.

A truly wonderful day at San Marco, Correr Museum and the Ducal Palace.

Dinner at Il Gondolieri, famous since the 40s. A signed Man Ray photo graces the wall above our table. It looks like the sort of place Hemingway drank and ate. Clearly it is well known and loved. We have a starter of spicy meat with creamed potato, risotto, steak then a creamy custard. I'm sitting with Sally Manford, Stuart Miller and Sheldon Coxon. Marlene presents Stephano with his gift and some words of appreciation. Micheal Manford adds his own thanks, noting Stephano and the other guides' passion for their subject.

Saturday 10th, September, 2011.
Today I re-visit the Biennale. I make my way towards a film installation by US artist John Mackay. It is about time, and time within time, a very layered piece of great complexity; he has spliced sections of commercial films together where references to time appear in speech or clocks-for example 10.45am. The drama time moves as 'real' time moves. It is fascinating and subverts my prejudice towards video works. I routinely give them a miss! I lunch on the Grande Canale. Marinaded sardine fillets with braised onions, pine nuts and sultanas, grilled baby octopus, marinaded squid and prawns. I have a glass of light local wine and a salad.

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