Wednesday, 14 September 2011

No Street numbers or street names on Kastellorizo.

Had my morning swim without incident. I could hear Dimitri working, but managed to walk by unnoticed.

Real estate agent,Costa P called by this morning for a coffee. We discuss a number of court cases. Eight to fifteen years in Greek courts is not unusual. A very litigious society. Mafia style vendettas! What can be gained from this madness. People pinching land, squatting in another's property, and so it goes on. It reminds me of the Dickens novel Bleak House, a story of Chancery Lane courts where families are driven to madness or ruined by their lawyers and sedentary judges.

I head off to the post office to collect mail. When I get there the post mistress makes copious notes of the details of my house. Yellow, wood shutters, opposite Athena Park with a Pitharia planted with oleander and lavender. As there are no addresses on Kastellorizo, the post mistress must rely on her local knowledge to deliver the mail. She writes this information in a book.

I have arranged to meet Triandafilia Kalafatas (Athenian) to measure her house. She is all at sea with the design, so I hope a floor plan will help. It takes around three hours. Her three story house is all but a ruin, with very good harbour views from the top floor. I think it will be spectacular, however her neighbour has built on the thoroughfare adjacent to her and the other one has built against her wall and blocked off one of her windows! This is syrup to the Rhodes lawyers-they can string this stuff out for years.

I'm suffering with a bad flu. I retreat home, make a lentil soup and head to bed.

Thursday 15th September, 2011.
Yiannis tiled the kitchen window nook and the sink and surrounds for 100 Euro. I'm still flu bound and miserable.

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