Friday, 16 September 2011

Drinks on Kastellorizo Bay

I awoke early for the 8.00am boat to Kash with captain George. Still feeling very seedy. I have a yearned for hair wash and then drag my nana shopping trolly up the hill to the Friday food market. It is as splendid as I remember. Huge mounds of bright peppers, greens, fruits, spices. It is all here in abundance. I found the cheese stall and selected a beautiful goat feta and a milder sheep's cheese. I had a choice of around six types, made variously from cow, goat and sheep's milk. The same vendor also has an excellent selection of olives. I love the taste of the wizened black ones and order half a kilo. Watermelon, grapes, oranges, peaches, plums and grapes are in season. I see numbers of green leaf vegetables, beautiful marrow and peppers and always mounds of deep red tomatoes.

On the way down the hill, I call in to see Ermit, the antique dealer and find a very good Horiatiki cupboard suitable for the kitchen entrance. He has given me a price of 500 Turkish lira (around $300.00A). I think I should get it, but I'd like to pay less. I'm hopeless at bargaining. My heart isn't in it. I make the mistake of identifying with the seller. I plan to offer 350TL and see what happens.

I've been invited to drinks at Marion M's house on the limani. I arrive around 9.00pm. The guests are largely island home owners who have made Kastellorizo a large part of their lives. Harvey, Sydney, Chrissie and John A, Sydney, Gus and Beryl, Sydney, Anne and Emanuel, Perth, Vasilis and Nick B, Canberra, Serena and partner Dario, Perth, German, John and Diane K, Sydney. Betty T, Sydney.

Marion serves Moet, beers and ouzo. As we catch up on each others news, sounds of a distant restaurant's music floats across the bay, harbor craft bob, catching the moonlight and there is Venus-companion to the moon, high above, splendid and bright. The bulky grey silhouette of Turkey is bleak and flattened tonight. This bay never fails to move me. There has been talk tonight of Turkish planes flying overhead on exercises. We don't like this talk. Someone changes the subject pretty snappy. The Paleo Castro is lit making it's stone golden and beautiful.

Harvey has been to Venice for the biennale- almost exactly the same dates as me! Vasilis and Nick have come from Berlin on route to Kazzie, full of excitement for the architecture and galleries they saw, particularly in east Berlin.

We are called to a table laden with sweets of all descriptions. I have contributed a galetemboureko. I love cooking in my new kitchen. It is minute and very convenient. I'm very pleased with the result. I get a few compliments.

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